Personal archives

Some personal archives of Pacific researchers and missionaries associated with the CPAS are stored at the Katholiek Documentatie Centrum (KDC). Studying these personal archives is not free but needs permission of the secretary of the CPAS, Prof. Dr. Toon van Meijl. At the moment two personal archives of this category are accessible at the KDC and two more are in preparation to be accessible there.

The personal archives accessible are of:

  • A.C. (Lex) van der Leeden, PhD (1922-2001), anthropological fieldworker and linguist in Sarmi and the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua and the Rose River Mission Station, Arnhem Land, Australia.
    • The KDC page of the archive is here (in Dutch).
  • Father G.A. (Gerard) Zegwaard, MSC (1902-1996), missionary in Asmat and Mimika (Kamoro), West Papua.
    Contents of the archive's files (in Dutch).

The personal archives in preparation are of:

  • Ms. M.J.A. (Rita) de Koster, MA (1918-2010), anthropological fieldworker and photographer in the Solomon Islands.
    • About M.J.A. de Koster and her photographic archive.
    Contents of the archive's photograph albums.
  • Prof. J. (Jan) Pouwer, PhD (1924-2010), anthropological fieldworker in Mimika (Kamoro) and the Bird's Head Peninsula, West Papua.
    About J. Pouwer and his personal archive.
    Contents of the archive's files (in Dutch): concise
    Contents of the archive's files (in Dutch): extensive