Tradition and change in Banjarese domestic conflict

TitleTradition and change in Banjarese domestic conflict
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsSuryadikara F
ChapterXII, 186 p. : fig., krt., tab. ; 23 cm
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KeywordsBanjar, customary law, d, dissertation, Excerpta Indonesica, family law, INDONESIA, Islam, Kalimantan Selatan

Banjarese people (South Kalimantan) have been converted to Islam for centuries. The combination of their traditional customs and Islamic law rarely creates difficulties because, in general, custom prevails. Strict Islamic rules regarding adultery, premarital pregnancy, and the division of inheritance are discarded. The difference between custom and Islamic values is most keenly felt when it comes to the following matters: the contraction of marriage; polygamy; the contribution made to the household by the husband. The data for this study consist of interviews with village elders and Islamic court cases.