Nomor peringatan 11 Maret 1966 - 11 Maret 1986

TitleNomor peringatan 11 Maret 1966 - 11 Maret 1986
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsHering B, Doran C, Wertheim WF
JournalKabar seberang / Sulating Maphilindo
Date Published26-12-02
ISBN Number0314-5786
Call NumberTA 3731
Keywords1945-1986, abri, Aceh, armed forces, civil service, collective volume, communism, constitutions, dispute settlement, dpa, Excerpta Indonesica, independence movements, INDONESIA, information services, Islam, KALIMANTAN, Military, Nationalism, non-governmental organizations, official documents, pki, political behaviour, political development, political ideologies, political parties, POLITICS, social behaviour, social change, student movements, women, youth organizations

This special issue contains the following contributions: Sukarno : sebuah profil yang pendek by Bob Hering; Aliran and golongan : Indonesian conflict management under Sukarno by Bob Hering; Women and Indonesian nationalism by Christine Doran; Indonesian Moslems under Sukarno and Suharto : majority and minority mentality by W.F. Wertheim; Aliran kommunis : the communist current : sejarah dan penjara by Jacques Leclerc; Underground activities and their double (Amir Sjarifuddin's relationship with communism in Indonesia) by Jacques Leclerc; The French connection : à la recherche du temps perdu by Peter Burns; Aidit and the problem of the party in the year 1950 by Jacques Leclerc; Youth and student politics in Indonesia in retrospect : with special reference to the Guided Democracy period by Andrew Gunawan; The Dewan Pertimbangan Agung 1959-1966 : recollections of a member by Peter Edman; Peristiwa di Djember tahun 1964 by Bob Hering; The Indonesian Army : harbingers of progress or reactionary predators? by G. McGuire and Bob Hering; Suharto after twenty years' dictatorship by W.F. Wertheim; Free Aceh : an impossible dream by Finngeir Hiorth; Lest we forget : obituary for Supeno Hadisiswoyo by Andrew Gunawan; NGOs in Indonesia (some comments on their role in the progress of social change) by Artien Utrecht; The adventures of Captain Mulyono : Indonesian intelligence operations in Kalimantan 1946-1948 by Robert Cribb.