Profiles of Malay culture; historiography, religion and politics

TitleProfiles of Malay culture; historiography, religion and politics
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1976
AuthorsKartodirdjo S
ChapterVII, 185 p. ; 24 cm
PublisherMinistry of Education and Culture Directorate General of Culture
Call NumberM i 576 N I \EPC Aceh1M i 719 N I
Keywords1538/1580, 1600, 1629/1655, 1859, 1870/1924, 1873/1912, Aceh, aceh-1, Bahasa Indonesia, Bali, Banjar, colonial history, Colonialism, elite, Excerpta Indonesica, historiography, HISTORY, i, INDONESIA, international relations, Islam, islamization, Jawa, Jawa Timur, Johore, Kalimantan Selatan, leadership, LIBERATION, Literature, Malay language, MALAYSIA, manuscripts, Netherlands, Political aspects, political development, political leadership, political systems, POLITICS, ports, Portugal, religion, religious groups, Riau, social movements, social structure, theory, Turkey, war

This volume contains papers presented at three conferences of the International Association of Historians of Asia (IAHA), the IV th. in Kuala Lumpur (1968), the V th. in Manila (1971) and the VI th. in Yogyakarta (1974). The following papers are directly relating to Indonesia: "Some remarks on the study of so-called historical texts in Indonesian languages" by A. Teeuw; "Religious movements of Java in the 19th and 20th centuries" by Sartono Kartodirdjo; "Sejarah raja-raja Riau: some aspects, as told by the Jakarta manuscripts" by S.W. Rudjiati Muljadi; "The Balinese babad" by H.I.R. Hinzler; "Bustan-copy and the Johor- histories" by Ulrich Kratz; "Shi'a elements in Malay literature" by Baroroh Baried; "A general theory of the Islamization of the Malay-Indonesian archipelago" by Syed Naguib Al-Attas; "Sixteenth century Turkish influence in western Indonesia" by A.J.S. Reid; "Aceh sultanate under Sultan Muhammad Daudsyah and the Dutch war" by Teuku Ibrahim Alfian; "The Beratib Beamaal movement in the Banjar war" by Soeri Soeroto; and "Some remarks on the harbour city of Japara in the seventeenth century" by F.A. Soetjipto.