Paysans de la fôret

TitlePaysans de la fôret
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsBoulbet J
Series TitlePublications, no 105
Call NumberM 3p 636 N+I
Keywords3p, Agriculture, Excerpta Indonesica, forestry, Indochina, [1975]

A comparative study of the techniques and ecology of agriculture in the forests of Southeast Asia in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia (Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatera). The introduction is followed by a chapter on the technical aspects of this kind of agriculture. The second chapter describes the physical environment of the forests in their original condition as well as their ultimate degradation due to the forest peasants and modern intrusion. A third chapter deals with the forest peasant as a farmer, bushranger, villager and social and religious person. The last chapter discusses the problems arising from forest agriculture and its possible evolution.