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Jensen A.  2009.  Valuation of non-timber forest products value chains. Forest Policy and Economics. 11:34-41. Abstract
Alexander J.  2008.  Douglas Miles and Borneo. Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology. 9:189-197. Abstract
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Sutherland H, Barnard TP.  2004.  The Makassar Malays : adaptation and identity, c. 1600-1790. Contesting Malayness : Malay identity across boundaries. Abstract
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Evers H-D.  1994.  The emergence of trade in a peasant society : Javanese transmigrants in Kalimantan. The moral economy of trade : ethnicity and developing markets. :76-87. Abstract
Peluso NL.  1992.  The rattan trade in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Non-timber products from tropical forests : evaluation of a conservation and development strategy. :P.115-127. Abstract
Magenda B.  1991.  East Kalimantan : the decline of a commercial aristocracy. Cornell Modern Indonesia Project ; no. 70. Monograph series. :VIII,113.
Davenport WH, Jessup TT, Vayda AP.  1988.  Borneo. Expedition. 30 Abstract
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