Oceania Newsletter 2018

No. 91, September

  • Erratum Oceania Newsletter No. 90, June 2018: Page 27
  • Ten Thousand Years of Cultivation: A Supplement to Anton Ploeg's Review  
    - by Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern
  • Announcements from the Dutch Association for Oceania Studies (in Dutch)
  • The Guardian about "The Stolen or Hidden Friend" from Rapanui in the UK  
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No. 90, June

  • New Guinea: An Independent Centre of Early Agriculture
    - by Anton Ploeg
  • The Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures: PARADISEC
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  • New Books
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No. 89, March

  • Routledge Book Series: Anthropology and Cultural History in Asia and the Indo-Pacific
  • Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies: Table of Contents Issue 5(2) 2017
  • Pacific Islands Monthly 1930-2000 Digitized by Trove
  • New Books
  • Recent Publications